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About us


A Joint Venture between two major players of the International Stainless Steel industry. In 2017, SWISS STEEL and TSINGSHAN INDUSTRY joined their strengths and knowledge into a state-of the-art drawing facility close to Shanghai. With the strong technical background of SWISS STEEL and the impressive market position of TSINGSHAN INDUSTRY in the Asian market, the Joint Venture aims to position itself as the technological leader in stainless steel bright bars.

Our goal is to offer in China and Asia an unmatched offer of stainless steel bars for demanding customers such as automotive, electronics and mechanical engineering industries. An obvious focus of the Joint Venture will be the high machinability grades and valves steel of the SWISS STEEL Group.

Started its industrial adventure with stainless steel long products in Zhejiang province. Only two decades later, TSINGSHAN INDUSTRY has changed the landscape of the stainless steel industry in China and in the World and became the undisputable stainless steel leader. It is now the time to explore new horizons in this industry and SWISS STEEL is a partner of choice to develop together the offer of the most technical stainless steel bars in Asia.
SWISS STEEL, with its two stainless steel long product mills DEW and Ugitech, has positioned itself as the international benchmark in special steel solutions and especially in stainless steel bars for demanding industries. In order to better serve the largest and fastest growing market zone of Asia, SWISS STEEL find in TSINGSHAN INDUSTRY the partner of choice to produce and sell high end stainless steel bars in Asia.
The company focuses on the production of a wide range of high quality stainless steel bright bars with a reliable and flexible supply chain, leveraging technical expertise and operational excellence. The stainless steel wire rods are supplied by TSINGSHAN INDUSTRY and SWISS STEEL mills UGITECH (France) and DEUTSCHE EDELSTAHLWERKE (Germany) which are renown as a global benchmark in quality and performance. The deep understanding of end-use applications along with a local manufacturing capacity in China is allowing us to deliver special stainless steel long products with excellent quality standards and first-class service at your door.
Perfect location in Shanghai area: delivery thorough China and a direct access to port for Asian countries deliveries.
A lean industrial organization

State-of-the art technologies to serve the most stringent end-use sectors

Worldwide best in class drawing lines for surface aspect and straightness

Highly sophisticated testing and control systems

Full range of stainless steel long products and valve steels dedicated to the automotive, electronics and mechanical industries

Highest international standards

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